Interreligious Trialogues

Each term, the course ‘Judaism, Christianity and Islam’ culminates in a forum featuring three scholars of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam engaging in a ‘Trialogue’ to explore the commonalities and differences on a key issue of common concern.  These forums are free and open to the public.

The advantage of witnessing such a trialogue is immense.  Quite simply, it demonstrates that each particular religion is connected historically to the other two religions and that people representing their religions can discuss important matters with respect despite their differences.  As Harvard Professor Diana Eck has said, “Someone who knows only one religion knows none.”  These trialogues show how and why the framers of any given religion made particular choices in contrast to what other intelligent and morally sensitive people chose in the other two religions.

Such a trialogue enables people to learn about the beliefs and practices of another related religion, to appreciate that such discussions can happen with depth and mutual respect, and to recognize that people can learn from other religions about issues in their own religion.