Additional Opportunities

In addition to the trialogue at the end of each course, to which the wider community is invited, the Academy has held a number of such presentations at houses of worship of the three faiths (e.g., Brentwood Presbyterian Church, Temple Beth Am, the Islamic Society of Orange County) and at Loyola Marymount University.  We hope to expand this activity in the future both at other houses of worship and at other universities.

We have also begun plans for lay discussions among adherents of the three faiths in houses of worship or other venues, wherein the Academy would design conversation forums with relevant texts from each of the three religions and questions for analysis and discussion.

Finally, we are in the planning stages of establishing a Speakers’ Bureau, consisting of teams of representatives of the three religions who can present a trialogue and/or teach to members of one religion about the other two.  Over its long history, the Academy has called on a variety of representatives from each of the three faiths, and we hope to organize this informal list into a more formal Speakers Bureau available to the community at large to promote interfaith understanding and discussion.  We encourage scholars and/or clergy with interest in participating in this kind of trialogue and appropriate credentials to engage in this kind of discussion to contact the President of the Academy, Dr. Reinhard Krauss, at in order to become part of our Speakers’ Bureau.

The Academy of Judaic, Christian, and Islamic Studies has set ambitious goals for expanding the reach of its message and its mission.  Nathan Krems, who is Jewish, has generously empowered those ambitions with a $100,000 gift.  His challenge to his Muslim and Christian peers to match his commitment reflects the spirit of the Academy’s vision for religion in the 21st century – cooperation, collaboration and mutual hospitality.